Fond Memories After Searching

All through Junior High School (Middle School, to you millennials) and High School, my desire was to go into radio-TV work. My first job was a gopher at WTLB in Utica, NY. I later worked with a couple of DJ’s at WIBX, either in the studio or at record hops. When we moved to Brockport, NY, I worked at WRVM in Rochester, NY on weekends, as a producer/gopher and DJ’ed at a weekly teen center dance in Spencerport. After graduation, I attended Ithaca College as a Radio-TV major. If I…

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The Navdy

The Navdy

Clear projection was always in sci-fi movies. Now it is available for all of us. I saw this as a sponsored ad on Facebook. It looked interesting, but I figured it was one of those “donate to the future” & when it is ready, if ever, you will be one of the first to get one. It appears that is not the case. It is a shipping product. It is a bit on the expensive side, $800, but it looks safer than the built-in GPS systems and other electronics in…

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Phishing – Not Hacking – Caused Leak

The recent release of so many hacked emails was a result of “spear-phishing,” a target phishing mail sent to marked individuals, 2 of whom were John Podesta, head of Hillary Clinton’s campaign & Colin Powell. Spear-phishing is an e-mail spoofing fraud attempt that targets a specific organization or person, seeking unauthorized access to confidential data. The target gets a “security alert” from what looks like Google. “Someone has your password,” it says at the top, in a do-not-ignore-this red banner warning that someone has just tried to sign into your…

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Cutting the cable TV cord

Cutting the Cord

I have seen some discussions about people “cutting the cord” to cable TV in my local technology user group. I recently joined that group and some of the members want to sever the cable TV connections and wondering how to go about it and how to do it. The tech group in Orlando that I have been a member since the 80’s had this discussion a few years ago and some members made the break. Some of those who made the cut have shared their experiences with me. I use…

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HP Pavilion Wave

Latest PC Models Recently Announced

A friend of mine said that Apple is about to announce some new models, but that he didn’t see any new models from Microsoft. Well, Microsoft does not really have PC models; their partners do. In the past few weeks, there has been an introduction of a collection of new Windows PCs at a variety of recent industry events including gamescom in Cologne, IFA 2016 in Berlin, and PAX West 2016 in Seattle. Microsoft Partners including Acer, ASUS, Dell, HP, and Lenovo have all unveiled their latest Windows 10 2-in-1s,…

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Create a USB Recovery Drive

This short video tutorial shows how to create a USB Recovery Drive in Windows 8 & Windows 10. This video was created using the 1607 version of Windows 10 Anniversary Update. The Recovery Drive was created on a 16 GB Kingston DataTraveler Stick, however, just over 6GB of space was used.

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Are you backed up?

Backup, backup, backup. That’s what I have been doing this weekend. I did some housekeeping, some software updates, and other preparations with my desktop, laptop, and Surface. Everything is running Windows 10 and the updates are now current. Tuesday, August 2, is the date that the big Windows 10 Anniversary Update will be released. I am not planning to update on day 1, but will do so within a few days of its release. However, since I have updates to automatically do so, I want to be prepared, in case…

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My Friend Flickr

Verizon is buying most of Yahoo! for $4.83 billion. Microsoft almost bought them in 2008 for $45 billion. Needless to say,they have been struggling. It is not known yet what parts of It will be shut down, what parts will be combined with other current technologies and what might stay as is. While I have a Yahoo account, I seldom use the email. I belong to a few yahoo groups, but most of them switched over to Google groups years ago. My biggest concern personally is Flickr. I have over…

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Windows 10

$0 Now – $119 after July 29

The 1 year free upgrades to Windows 10 ends on July 29. While many of the major tech writers expected the free upgrades from Windows 7 & 8.1 to Windows 10 to continue after the 1 year period, Microsoft announced this week that the cost of upgrading will be $119 beginning July 30. There are more than 300 million devices now running Windows 10 and if yours isn’t one of them, time is running out for the free upgrade. Many of the people I know who have not upgraded, have…

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Scanner Apps

Scanning a document, a magazine article, or any printed page is easy with your iDevice. Simply take a photo of the page using the camera in your phone/tablet or using a photo from any camera. You can also take a photo of the document through these apps. Once you have the photo you can create a PDF or an image file to share, or by using OCR, convert the photo of the printed document to editable text to be used as you need. In the video, I am demonstrating some…

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