Why Your Zoom Invite Failed

An interesting issue arose during a recent Zoom meeting that I was hosting for a group and I was the presenter. I created the meeting and sent a copy of the invite to my contact in the group. He then sent out an email to the members.

When we started the meeting many of the regulars & those who indicated that they would be online, were not. One of the members made phone calls to those missing attendees and they indicated issues with signing in. They were clicking on the link in the email and it required them to manually enter the password, which they attempted to type in the encrypted password, which was difficult and did not work.

My contact tried to make it simple for the members to login and had included the long link and not the meeting ID or password. What I discovered to be the problem was that the link to the meeting had not wrapped properly in many of the member’s email invites.

Here is the complete invite as I sent to the contact:

Original Zoom Invite
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Here is the email as seen by many of the members:

Wrapping in Zoom Invite
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As you can see, only part of the link was linkable and when the member clicked it, it asked for the password, which wasn’t included.

Please be careful when sending invites with links. Be sure to include the Meeting ID and the Password. It can make a big difference in your attendance numbers.

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I was told that using a link shortener would not work, but I tried Bitly http://bit.ly/ and TinyURL https://tinyurl.com/ and they both shortened the long Zoom link. I then checked both of them and they worked. If you want to use a shortening site, be sure to check that the new link works.