The topics for the May 12, 2019 CFCS Windows SIG meeting include:

The recording of the meeting:

The recording of Russ Walter’s presentation to the CFCS Main Meeting is below:

The write-up for this presentation was:

The Speaker is Russ Walter, author, and computer guru. Russ Walter wrote all 33 editions of the “Secret Guide to Computers & Tricky Living” and is working on the 34th. For too many decades, he’s been giving free help about computers and everything else in life, by answering phoned questions at all hours of the day & night, from every continent except Antarctica, so call him anytime. Looking like a witch, his face & advice have been on The Wall Street Journal’s front page and praised by The New York Times and the rest of the news & mag gang worldwide. He’s taught at many universities & kookiversities. A conservative version of his lively face will be beamed to club members at the Mother’s Day meeting, while his mouth spouts the inside scoop about hardware, software, and nowhere, as he gives you tricks & shticks & new ways of approaching your problems, while he answers your questions too candidly. Guaranteed to be as lively as you. Russ’ website is