I was not able to present at the November WinSIG meeting as I attended the WordPress Conference in Orlando that day. A recording of my keynote talk, “There’s An App For That!” to the NWFACUG was played at the meeting.

The presentation goes through a history many of my early computers, discussing software or apps from that time period and where we are with apps today.

The Northwest Florida Association of Computer User Groups presented the Computer Tech 2017. This was the 11th annual, one-day event where IT users and Computer enthusiasts, from beginners to advanced, come together to learn about the latest technology. There were 53 classes available for Apple, Microsoft, Linux, and Android, plus a variety of app talks and software programs. The classes were conducted by 28 outstanding local IT experts and trainers with many years of experience. Guest Speaker, Hewie Poplock, gave the keynote talk, “There’s An App For That!” This event took place Saturday, Jan. 28, 2017. This recording was the test run and is not the live version, but is close to the presentation. There were no recordings made at the conference.