Things to do while quarantined

Things to do while quarantined or just avoiding contact with others

The Centers Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is now recommending that gatherings and events that consist of at least 50 people be canceled or postponed throughout the United States. Many of my friends are quarantined, self-quarantined, or just worried about going out and being around other people. So, what is one to do with all of the major sports also on hold? I have some suggestions.

  • Backup your computers
  • Organize your digital photos
  • Read the manual for your smartphone
  • Clean out the garage, shed, basement/attic, or closet
  • Organize your “Documents” and “Downloads” folders in Windows
  • Upload all of your digital photos to Google Photos or iPhotos or both
  • Call friends. Not text.
  • Download free audiobooks from your library
  • Download books or magazines from your library
  • Download books from GoodReads
  • Watch “How to” videos on YouTube on any subject
  • Watch some videos from APCUG Virtual Tech Conferences
  • Watch my videos
  • Watch videos & tutorials on Geeks On Tour
  • Take free courses from Kahn Academy, TechBoomers, Coursera, uDemy
  • Watch Ted Talks
  • Use (LinkedIn Learning) tutorials if your library offers it


Here are links to many of the suggestions: