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Teaching Technology to Adults


Most of my presentations are to adults, especially senior citizens. While my training and initial teaching was for elementary and middle school students, I also taught on the college level. I also have been a presenter to computer & technology user groups for 30 plus years. Presenting and teaching to seniors requires a different approach. I found an article by Dr. Liz Hardy, “Effective Teaching Techniques for the Older Adult Learner,” which should help others to present or teach boomers and older.

Dr. Hardy talks about 5 Effective Teaching Techniques for the Adult Learner:

  1. Let your adult learner know you’re approachable
  2. Re-frame the e-learning technology
  3. Offer a mix of learning resources
  4. Remember an adult learner has relevant life experience
  5. Keep communication and feedback timely

Dr Liz Hardy Adult Learner article

The article has some great graphics as well as helpful hints to working with adults and teaching technology. Take a look at https://www.simpliteach.com/effective-teaching-techniques-for-the-older-adult-learner/ and her other articles with her mission “To empower online educators with smart teaching strategies that work.”