If It Sounds Too Good To Be True

As everyone gets ready to eat turkey or ham for the holidays, I get to eat crow! A few months ago a friend shared an ad that had several types of 1 or 2 Terabyte USB sticks for the ridiculously low price of about $10. They would be shipped directly from China. He stated that he received his and after checking them out, he found that they were free of viruses or malware and were showing that they were the stated size. 

I ordered 3 different styles to get the total past the threshold for free shipping. I also shared the ad with several e-groups of friends and a few also ordered some units. I received mine about 5 weeks after ordering.   

I tested the 3 units that I ordered & 1 that my friend gave me. All showed that they were, indeed, 2 terabytes in any computer or phone in which I tested them. I copied about 26 Gigabytes to one of them. Remember that a Terabyte is 1,000 Gigabytes. I had no problem. So far, so good. I even shared the ad with some more friends. 

This week one of those friends who ordered a few on my recommendation said that he received them, and tested them more than I did. He copied more data than I had and found that at a certain point, data was dropping off. The unit that he had, while showing 2 Terabytes of space was full at 64GB. This prompted me to add more data to my test unit, and I could no longer add files when it reached 32GB.  

So, my friends, I humbly apologize for forwarding a scam ad for fake drives. I am chalking it up to, “If it sounds too good to be trueit probably is.”