Scanner Apps

Scanning a document, a magazine article, or any printed page is easy with your iDevice. Simply take a photo of the page using the camera in your phone/tablet or using a photo from any camera. You can also take a photo of the document through these apps. Once you have the photo you can create a PDF or an image file to share, or by using OCR, convert the photo of the printed document to editable text to be used as you need.

In the video, I am demonstrating some scanner & OCR software on my iPad, but they can also be used on an iPhone. I show how easy it is to share a document or convert one into editable text. The card software captures a business card and adds the information to your contact list. The video, “Scanning & OCR with your mobile device,” & uses CamScanner by INTSIG, ScannerPro by Readdle, & ScanBizCards by ScanBiz.

The video can be found on YouTube by clicking here or viewing below.