Make your emails count

Do you use email to contact your User Group, Fraternal Organization, or your non-profit? This is a webinar that you should watch to gain a better understanding on how best to create that eNews or email announcement. Whether you use Constant Contact, MailChimp, another service, or just compose your own, get some great ideas. Get your email read on a computer, a tablet, or a phone & get it noticed.

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Your readers are making decisions on whether or not to open and interact with your email, and if it doesn’t look appealing, they could delete your message.


Make your audience sit up and take notice with great email design. This webinar will review the 7 Don’ts of Email Design and help you avoid them. Some of the tips you’ll learn include:

The correct way to use branding
What different colors “mean”
Which type of fonts to use in your email
How to effectively use images
Considerations to make sure your email looks great on mobile devices

You’ll also walk away with a checklist you can use when creating your next email.