Fond Memories After Searching

All through Junior High School (Middle School, to you millennials) and High School, my desire was to go into radio-TV work. My first job was a gopher at WTLB in Utica, NY. I later worked with a couple of DJ’s at WIBX, either in the studio or at record hops. When we moved to Brockport, NY, I worked at WRVM in Rochester, NY on weekends, as a producer/gopher and DJ’ed at a weekly teen center dance in Spencerport. After graduation, I attended Ithaca College as a Radio-TV major. If I had stayed 1 more semester, I would have had Rod Serling (Twilight Zone) as a professor. However, after 1.5 years, I transferred to SUNY Brockport as an Education Major and lived at home.

While at Brockport I joined the Radio Club, which consisted of 2 portable turntables, a microphone & a tape recorder. We taped a radio show in the AV department (I think) and it was later piped through the sound system in the student union. That was the beginning of the school radio station. In my senior year, and as the only member of the radio club with actual radio “experience” and contacts, I was tasked with putting together a budget proposal to purchase professional radio equipment and create an actual radio station. My budget proposal was accepted, but I graduated before seeing the purchasing of equipment and the launch of a station. At first, the station was an AM station, only able to be received on the school campus and surrounding neighborhoods.

Today, 891 The Point, is the voice of SUNY Brockport.  After being WBSU-AM, it is now WBSU-FM. To read some more of its history, go to and . The photo on the last link does not include me, as I already graduated when it was taken. I am working on a presentation of how to better find results when searching on the web, using Google. I found the websites, and . I spent far too much time using those websites and found some great memories like this. I wanted to share this one with you. If you are from New York State, spent some time there, or are doing some genealogical research from that area, these 2 sites are a treasure for you. I am including  an article that I found from the school’s newspaper from the early 60’s.

My first management position