Facebook Timeline Issue

I like to read my Facebook timeline with the most recent items at the top and successive postings in chronological order. Of course, Facebooks interjects with sponsored ads and what appears to be older posts, but have recent replies. Facebook’s default is to show the as “Top Stories” and it determines what those are. Every so often, FB changes my selection back to theirs. I don’t like that.

When I mentioned this to a few friends, they looked at me strangely and I realized that they had no idea of what I was talking about. Here is an explanation of what I mean & how to change the choice.

I use my browser to use Facebook, but will also show how to change the setting in the iOS app, as well. It should be similar in the Android app.

The choice is made on the top left where it says News Feed and three dots. Note the top item says Yesterday.

When you click on News Feed, it opens a box where you see the 2 choices and there is a checkmark next to the choice that it is using.

When you click on the other choice, in this case, Most Recent, the page refreshes and the most recent post on your timeline goes to the top.

That’s all there is to it. Now if you are using the app on your iPhone or iPad (and probably your Android device) you have to make the choice somewhat differently. The example shows the top item is from Yesterday. At the bottom, you need to click on “More” with the 3 lines.

It opens a different screen with several choices. Scroll down to “Feeds” and click.

On my screen, note that the top choice is “Most Recent.” Click on it and you will see that your News Feed is now set with the most recent at the top.

Remember how you did this as you will be doing it often.