Facebook is an important part of my life

I am grateful for all the birthday wishes that I received through Facebook. Facebook allows me to share memories, photos, & tech stuff with the many friends that I have become acquainted with over the years. Many I have not seen in over 50 years. It is amazing that I can share my life and information with those who I knew in Utica (NY), Brockport (NY), throughout the many locations in Florida where I lived & worked, through my activities in Computer User Groups, and just throughout my life.

With over 2 billion users, Facebook has become a part of our lives. Five years ago, I reconnected with the love of my life after 35 years through Facebook. Now we are together for the rest of our lives.  As a kid, I remember how we hated when someone would bring out the slide projector to show pictures of their trip or their family. How times have changed! Now we freely exchange photos of these and much more and enjoy it.

I have re-connected with neighbors, friends from grammar school, high school, college, and life. I like to be able to share our interests and experiences. I look forward to your postings. I never discuss or share religious or political topics, but accept your views without comment. I enjoy much of the humorous postings but rarely post/repost any. I don’t play games in Facebook, and turn off posts about them. Being the geek that I am, I try to share interesting and helpful technology articles and warnings. I try to point out false urban legend postings by linking to more information. I don’t do it to embarrass you. I do it to show you where you can look for the facts before you post.

Occasionally, I have succumbed to the sponsored item and either have purchased an item or learned enough about the item to recommend it to others. I do not think that FB is or should be a source of news. I am not sure what is, but it certainly is not Facebook. I read a lot of the articles that you pass on to us. Thanks for sharing.

There is lots of junk on Facebook, as well. However, I enjoy the information that it provides. I enjoy staying in touch with friends from the past and present. I enjoy sharing. Thank you all for being my friends.