FaceBook Cloning is a real problem

Example Notice to post
Example notice

In the past few weeks I have had 2 friends ask to be my friend on Facebook. This is not unusual, except I am already friends with both of them. What has happened is their FaceBook account has been cloned, or copied. The header is the same as their real account. One of the friend’s name was misspelled, but the other was correct. The article explains what they bad guys are trying to accomplish and it also offers a sample message that should be emailed to your friends, your contact list, and posted in your real FaceBook timeline (status).

http://www.hoax-slayer.net/viral-facebook-post-warns-about-facebook-cloning-warning-is-valid/ is a page that you should bookmark in the event that it happens to you. Be sure to pass this article on to any friends that you have received a friend request, that you are already friends with on Facebook.

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