My Email Box is Not Full

I just received this email that warns me that my email box has exceeded its limit. It also states that deleting some mails may not free up the required space. If I don’t upgrade soon it may lead to the suspension of the mailbox.

I noticed the following:

  • The return address says Mail Administrator and then an address that is not my hosting company
  • I delete all emails after downloading them, so the box is empty
  • I am the email administrator!
  • The link to increase storage goes to an address in the British Indian Ocean Territory.


Example of Email Phishing
Click graphic to enlarge

It is totally a scam/phishing email. I don’t know what would happen if I clicked the link. I could get a virus, malware, etc. just by clicking on it. Be careful with all emails. Don’t be caught off guard and simply click on a link. Think before you react.