The Echo responds to the Radio or TV

echo_lg-500Does your Amazon Echo sometimes respond to your TV? This is not unusual. According to a report from NPR, their radio broadcast about Amazon’s device triggered actual devices in people’s homes. I have seen commercials for the Echo trigger our unit. However, I enjoy the fact that I can be in the another room and speak to my Echo to ask for my schedule for the day, the weather report, or just the date, and she responds.

I have my Google Calendar with all of our activities connected to my account so all I have to say is, “Alexa, What is the schedule for tomorrow?” and she responds with all of tomorrow’s entry from our Google Calendar. I can also ask about Thursday’s schedule or my schedule for the next 3 days. If I ask for the weather, she give the local temperature and the weather report for my area. When I need a laugh, I ask her for a joke and she is good for a chuckle.

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