Date set for Creator’s Upgrade Roll Out

It’s official. The next major Windows upgrade, known as the “Windows 10 Creator’s Upgrade Version 1703”, will be rolled out on April 11th.  They release these major updates in waves, so you might not get the upgrade for a while. However, you must prepare in advance, as you may get the upgrade when you turn your computer on, or while you just have it on anytime after that date. Between now and April 11th, make sure that you do a complete backup of your data and if you can, do an image backup. I use Acronis True Image for my images.

Groovypost  < > lists 12 things that you should do before installing Windows Creators Update.  Some of these are simple safeguards that everyone should do. Others are more conservative measures that might only be worth your time if your Windows 10 PC is mission critical.

Some of these include * Backup, * Check Manufacturer’s Website to Find Out if Your System is Compatible, * Download and Create Backup Reinstall Media for Your Current Version of Windows, * Make Sure Your System Has Enough Disk Space, * Disable All Background Software.

The point of their guide isn’t to scare you into avoiding a Windows 10 Creators Update upgrade. For most users, the upgrade can and will be successful without performing any of the recommended steps. But for those who seem to have bad luck or can’t afford a failed upgrade, knowing common causes of upgrade issues can save you a lot of time and hassle.