Art Effect from Photo

Colorize Pixelate and Blur Photos

There are 3 online graphics programs that I tested and shared on Tech for Seniors. With these programs you can colorize old black and white photos, pixelate, blur, or create some very artistic effects.

Be sure to view the video that demonstrates these tools at

There are several reasons to use these free and online tools.

  • For fun
  • Hide email addresses names and more in screenshots
  • Use personal photos in blogs or tutorials
  • Prevent getting sued
  • Protect the identity of people in photos
  • Hide children’s faces
  • Hide offensive items in photo
  • Hide license plates or addresses
  • Redact documents

Colorize-it or

You can easily add color to old black & white photos. You can bring new life to old photos. It was surprising to me that the colors in some photos came out so accurately. The redhead had red hair in the colorized photo! When you are done, you can download a comparison photo or the full colorized photo.

Colorize a Black & White Photo


Facepixelizer is a privacy image editor & anonymizer. You can place pixels over faces, photos or text when showing items in a presentation or sharing documents. There is an auto mode and a manual mode. I like the ability to blur an entire photo and then selectively reveal certain faces or items in the photo.

Blur Photo with Selective Unblurring
Blur Photo with Selective Unblurring

You can save and download the results.


Lunapic or

While this online program also pixelates and blurs, it does so much more. There are editing tools to crop an image, make parts of an image transparent, paste or blend, add text, and there are many other drawing tools. There are many “Effects and Filters” such as converting a photo to black and white, make color changes, add borders, show country flags, and over 200 more effects.

There are many art effects that replace some expense programs that I already use. From a photo, you can convert a photo to a sketch, give it a fairy effect, make it look like a Picasso, make look like a watercolor, and so much more art effects. Once you finish editing your file, you simply save the finished effect.

Using any or all these programs can save you time and money. All 3 of the websites are free. However, you can spend hours playing with the different effects and changes, especially with Lunapic.

Art Effect from Photo
Art Effect from Photo