Colorize Black and White Photos

I have a lot of old black & white photos that I scanned. If I were an expert in Photoshop I might be able to add color after a lot of time and painstaking detail. I found a website and demonstrated it at the February 2019 WinSIG meeting that colorizes photos in seconds.

I am using a class photo from my elementary school that I scanned. At the website, I could try one of their samples but opted to upload the class photo. The website immediately starts processing the photo. Within seconds, the photo appears with a comparison version. On the left of the photo is the black & white original and on the right is the colorized version. In the center is a purple line that when accessed with my cursor can slide in either direction to see the comparison. Under the photo are links to “Download Comparison” or “Download Colorized Image.”

What stood out to me was Sharon wore a red dress that day and was a redhead. I do not expect that all of the colors are correct, but it certainly did a good job, quickly and easily.

   Original Black & White Scan
   Colorized Comparison
Colorized Photo

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