Chromebooks Are for Everyone

Some of you may have noticed that I have been posting a lot about K-12 schools using Chromebooks. I have started a website called Chromebooks 4 Seniors at where I am featuring articles dedicated to Chromebooks. Grandparents, parents, and businesses are quickly learning that Chromebooks are much easier to use, cheaper to purchase & easier to maintain. My theory is that if K-12 students can use them, why can’t we?

Here is a collage of several classrooms that have been Tweeted in the last few weeks. You can see students from 1st Grade through High School using them as tools for learning. Check out my site where I have posted over 120 Chromebook articles and many blogs, with more to come. Soon the Virtual Chromebooks for Seniors Meetup will begin webcasting.

Collage of Classrooms 1st Grade to High School
Collage of Classrooms – 1st Grade to High School