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Chomebooks Roll Out 2017-2018

Chromebooks were the computers of choice in 58% of the k-12 schools last year. It appears that the number will increase and it is predicted that Chromebooks will account for 70% of them in just the next few years. It is my opinion that if school kids, especially at the elementary school level, can easily use these computers, then senior citizens should be able to do so. Those seniors who want to use the technology, but who feel overwhelmed with Windows, Macs, or iPads can feel comfortable quickly. I feel so strongly that seniors can do this, I bought one myself and have started a website, Chromebooks for Seniors to help any parent or grandparent get started and to learn how best to use the technology.

News clippings about Chromebook rollouts in schoolsMany of you reading this either didn’t have the technology when you were growing up or took classes on how to use computers & software. Today that has changed. Computers are not taught as classes. They are “tools” for learning. While there is some introductory computer time, it quickly becomes just part of the day. We had protractors, slide rules, etc., to deal with. Today’s youth know about computers before getting to their first day of kindergarten.

The rollout of Chromebooks has begun in school system around the US, Canada, and the rest of the world. With the cost substantially lower than other computers and tablets, with Google & others providing tools for schools and teachers to easily adapt Chromebooks and control what is used, connect teachers to students and teachers to parents, it is no wonder that so many students are being provided their own computers.

Chromebook Rollout 2017 animated GIFI contend that the Chromebook is “The Remedy for the Aches & Pains of Computing” for seniors. No longer do you have to worry about viruses, malware, ransomware, backing-up data, and updating. The Chrome Operating System takes care of that for you. The computer boots in less than 15 seconds and the battery life is normally 10 hours or more before recharging. Be sure to go to Chromebooks 4 Seniors for much more information and help.