Are you backed up?

Backup, backup, backup. That’s what I have been doing this weekend. I did some housekeeping, some software updates, and other preparations with my desktop, laptop, and Surface. Everything is running Windows 10 and the updates are now current. Tuesday, August 2, is the date that the big Windows 10 Anniversary Update will be released. I am not planning to update on day 1, but will do so within a few days of its release. However, since I have updates to automatically do so, I want to be prepared, in case Microsoft updates me before I do so manually.

I use Acronis 2016 to do image backups and use I-drive for automatic cloud backup for data. Doing the image backups is not done quite as regularly as I would like, but new and changed data gets backed up to the cloud almost every day. I say “almost” because it does it at the same time & my computer is not always on at the scheduled time.

BackupWhile neither of these backup services are free, it is a small investment to make sure that I am protected. Please back up your computer. I do not care what you use. Just be sure to check that it works and that you can recover the files and programs. Also be sure to store all of your programs and keys (serial numbers). Usually, you will download the latest version if you have to re-install, so keeping the original program is not as important as the serial number. Be sure to know if you will need your copy of the program and if the current version be registered with your key. Some programs are only good for the major version. If you purchased 2.1 of a program, versions 2.2 or 2.5 might be free, but moving to version 3 or version 4 will require a new purchase or an upgrade cost.

There will be many articles about what is included in the Anniversary Update, but you can get a good idea from