About Hewie’s Favorites and Hewie’s Views and Reviews

I bought my first computer, a Commodore Pet, in 1978 at an electronics store after watching a young kid making things happen on the demo unit in the store. I moved to a Radio Shack Model II Level 1 and used it until purchasing an Osborne Computer in 1982. I joined the Tampa Bay Osborne User Group and was amazed at how computer users helped each other.

This was my first experience with a User Group and learned so much from the meetings and other members, that I enjoyed sharing information and helping others. After I moved to an AT&T PC6300, my first PC, I joined the Tampa Bay Computer Society. I started my first BBS (Bulletin Board Service) about 1986 using an older IBM-PC and served the Tampa Bay area as the FABulous BBS. The FAB was short for Food and Beverages, which was the industry that I was in to pay the bills.

My employer transferred me to the Orlando area and I moved my BBS there. It grew to 3 telephone lines and I added a CD player to grow my BBS to one of the largest in available downloads. After going into the computer business, the focus changed to Finance and Business, so I kept the same name. FABulous BBS and Treasures BBS shared the same room at our business. FAB grew to 8 CD’s of shareware and freeware as well as the RIME messaging network.

With the advent of the Internet, I wanted to learn how to create websites, so I started Hewie’s Favorite’s, first as a free site on my ISP’s server and eventually as its own domain, where it still resides.

Hewie Poplock joined the Central Florida Computer Society in 1987 and is a 4-time Past President and currently is the Program Chair and Windows SIG (Special Interest Group) Chair. I have always enjoyed sharing my computer knowledge and information, and this website has been a good vehicle to do so. CFCS has added my column as a regular feature in their monthly newsletter and other User Groups have printed various columns.

The website first went on line in 1995 and a complete update went live in August 2010. The 2010 version was developed with Drupal 6. The 2016 update was developed with WordPress 4.4. If you encounter any bad links, please use the contact form to let me know. I hope that you enjoy the site and find interesting and helpful information.

My first Computers and Printer, Commodore Pet, TRS-80, Osborne 1, AT&T PC6300, Okidata Microline 80 Dot Matrix Printer
My first Computers and Printer