Month: May 2020

Why Your Zoom Invite Failed

An interesting issue arose during a recent Zoom meeting that I was hosting for a group and I was the presenter. I created the meeting and sent a copy of the invite to my contact in the group. He then sent out an email to the members. When we started the meeting many of the regulars & those who indicated that they would be online, were not. One of the members made phone calls to those missing attendees and they indicated issues with signing in. They were clicking on the…

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Art Effect from Photo

Colorize Pixelate and Blur Photos

There are 3 online graphics programs that I tested and shared on Tech for Seniors. With these programs you can colorize old black and white photos, pixelate, blur, or create some very artistic effects. Be sure to view the video that demonstrates these tools at There are several reasons to use these free and online tools. For fun Hide email addresses names and more in screenshots Use personal photos in blogs or tutorials Prevent getting sued Protect the identity of people in photos Hide children’s faces Hide offensive items in…

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