Month: May 2017

Facebook Timeline Issue

I like to read my Facebook timeline with the most recent items at the top and successive postings in chronological order. Of course, Facebooks interjects with sponsored ads and what appears to be older posts, but have recent replies. Facebook’s default is to show the as “Top Stories” and it determines what those are. Every so often, FB changes my selection back to theirs. I don’t like that. When I mentioned this to a few friends, they looked at me strangely and I realized that they had no idea of…

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Review of Acer R11 Chromebook

It is just 7 weeks since I purchased my first Chromebook, the Acer R11. I was a novice of what to look for and did some preliminary research before buying my Acer R11. I wanted to touch and feel before buying so I went to my nearby Best Buy store. They had 3 models on display and in stock. After looking over the 3, the Acer R11 was on sale and seemed to have the specs that I wanted. It only has 16GB of storage, but I thought that should…

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