Month: March 2017

Date set for Creator’s Upgrade Roll Out

It’s official. The next major Windows upgrade, known as the “Windows 10 Creator’s Upgrade Version 1703”, will be rolled out on April 11th.  They release these major updates in waves, so you might not get the upgrade for a while. However, you must prepare in advance, as you may get the upgrade when you turn your computer on, or while you just have it on anytime after that date. Between now and April 11th, make sure that you do a complete backup of your data and if you can, do…

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The Search For The Perfect Solution

I am the “goto” person for many friends, neighbors, and others when it comes to issues with technology, especially Windows computers. Most of these people are senior citizens. Their computer and smartphone usage is mostly limited to Facebook, games, photos, watching videos, e-mail, browsing the web, banking, paying bills and perhaps purchasing items. Windows computers are far too complex for most, especially when it comes to updating, upgrading, protecting themselves from viruses, malware, intrusions, and just using the system. Microsoft and Apple have tried to make it as easy and…

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You Lost Your Wi-Fi Security Key

You seldom need to have your home wi-fi security key as your device usually remembers it and signs you in automatically. I help people with tech issues and recently I have had a few that needed to connect new computers or mobile devices to their wi-fi. However, they were unable to find their security key. Luckily, they had a PC that was connected, so I followed the directions in the article, “How to retrieve Wi-Fi passwords saved on your PC” and was able to retrieve their wi-fi key.   …

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