Month: November 2016

Fond Memories After Searching

All through Junior High School (Middle School, to you millennials) and High School, my desire was to go into radio-TV work. My first job was a gopher at WTLB in Utica, NY. I later worked with a couple of DJ’s at WIBX, either in the studio or at record hops. When we moved to Brockport, NY, I worked at WRVM in Rochester, NY on weekends, as a producer/gopher and DJ’ed at a weekly teen center dance in Spencerport. After graduation, I attended Ithaca College as a Radio-TV major. If I…

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The Navdy

Clear projection was always in sci-fi movies. Now it is available for all of us. I saw this as a sponsored ad on Facebook. It looked interesting, but I figured it was one of those “donate to the future” & when it is ready, if ever, you will be one of the first to get one. It appears that is not the case. It is a shipping product. It is a bit on the expensive side, $800, but it looks safer than the built-in GPS systems and other electronics in…

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