Month: July 2016

Are you backed up?

Backup, backup, backup. That’s what I have been doing this weekend. I did some housekeeping, some software updates, and other preparations with my desktop, laptop, and Surface. Everything is running Windows 10 and the updates are now current. Tuesday, August 2, is the date that the big Windows 10 Anniversary Update will be released. I am not planning to update on day 1, but will do so within a few days of its release. However, since I have updates to automatically do so, I want to be prepared, in case…

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My Friend Flickr

Verizon is buying most of Yahoo! for $4.83 billion. Microsoft almost bought them in 2008 for $45 billion. Needless to say,they have been struggling. It is not known yet what parts of It will be shut down, what parts will be combined with other current technologies and what might stay as is. While I have a Yahoo account, I seldom use the email. I belong to a few yahoo groups, but most of them switched over to Google groups years ago. My biggest concern personally is Flickr. I have over…

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