Windows 10

$0 Now – $119 after July 29

The 1 year free upgrades to Windows 10 ends on July 29. While many of the major tech writers expected the free upgrades from Windows 7 & 8.1 to Windows 10 to continue after the 1 year period, Microsoft announced this week that the cost of upgrading will be $119 beginning July 30. There are more than 300 million devices now running Windows 10 and if yours isn’t one of them, time is running out for the free upgrade.

Many of the people I know who have not upgraded, have not done so because they are comfortable with the earlier versions of Windows and do not wish to have to learn new ways of doing some things, or have heard stories of issues with Windows 10.

With 300 million devices using Windows 10, most of the issues have been resolved or have fixes. However, everyone should be backing up their data on a regular basis, so if they do have an issue, they have any data available.

Those using Windows 7 can have the comfort knowing that it will be supported until 2020, but there are reports of issues of some recent Windows 7 updates that are creating serious issues with Windows 7 booting on computers with Asus motherboards.

Win 7 Asus motherboard error

The notice of the Windows 10 upgrade will go away sometime after July 29, as well.