Sheila’s Presentations:

  • Windows File Selection Box
  • Capturing websites you visited using a web browsing history application – hooeey webprint
  • A cutesy simple greeting card web site is

Best of CES 2011 Awards:

Live Tech Podcasts: 

Available from many sources. Here are some of those that I have compiled:

  • CrunchGear‘s streaming live coverage of the CES Aisles
  • CNET‘s live coverage every day!Includes many of the press conferences live.
  • TechPodcasts Live: Starting Thursday at 8:00/P9:00M/10:00C/11:00E A.M.
  • Into Tomorrow with Dave Graveline: Should be broadcasting all through CES.
  • This Week In Tech (TWIT) TV: with Leo Laporte and friends: periodic webcasts from CES. Rumored to be blogging from Showstoppers, an exclusive press event at CES.
  • CNET’s ‘live’ blogs. CNET will be blogging at many of the press conferences in near real time.

Other Items: