• Windows SIG meeting of August 15, 2010 topics:
  • Hewie’s updated website http://www.hewie.net
  • The new Windows SIG notes & info WinSIG http://www.hewie.net/winsig
  • Personalize Your Windows7 with Background Slide Show
  • Restore Point Configuration was demonstrated.
  • ERUNT presented by Stan Wallner – Note: ERUNT and NTREGOPT in their current versions 1.1j are still compatible with Windows 7, but as in Vista, they will only work correctly if you turn off User Account Control in Windows’ Control Panel (move the slider to the lowest position).

Other items from the meeting:

Hewie demonstrated going to his home network and looking at some files that are connected via his Seagate DockStar. For more info on the Seagate DockStar and on the service that it uses PogoPlug

Stan talked about a free backup program and a virtual software for a sandbox from Paragon. Their find more info on Paragon’s website

Mark Schulman demonstrated Sandboxie at the Main Meeting of CFCS. Info on Sandboxie is here and the presentation is here.