Ways to Prepare for a presentation or “explain by showing”


I will give as many of the following Windows tips that we can get to

Tip 1: Shuffling Through Program Windows
Tip 2: Managing Your Windows
Tip 3: Project Your Display With Ease
Tip 4: Multi-Monitor Window Management
Tip 5: Aero Peek Your Desktop
Tip 6: Live Clutter-Free
Tip 7: Help the Help Desk Help You
Tip 8: Sticky Notes Avoid Sticky Situations
Tip 9: Adaptive Display Brightness
Tip 10: Notify Me, My Way
Tip 11: Authority over the Power Switch
Tip 12: .ISO Files
Tip 13: Locale Specific
Tip 14: Change the Scenery
Tip 15: Crunch The Numbers
Tip 16: Smart Printing
Tip 17: Shake It Up
Tip 18: Clean Your Desktop! And Order It Too
Tip 19: Right-Click Mania
Tip 20: Unveil Your Hidden Drives
Tip 21: Find a File or a Song You Want – Instantly
Tip 22: See All Your Open Windows Easily
Tip 23: Keep What You Want Within Easy Reach
Tip 24: Compare Two Windows Side-by-Side
Tip 25: Stay One Click Away From the Programs You Use Most
Tip 26: Connect Wireless Devices to Your Network More Easily
Tip 27: Make Your Web Faster, Safer and Easier
Tip 28: Personalize Your PC
Tip 29: Command Junkies Only
Tip 30: It’s a Global Village
Tip 31: The Font of All Knowledge
Tip 32: Gabriola
Tip 33: Who Stole My Browser?
Tip 34: Rearranging the Furniture
Tip 35: It’s A Drag
Tip 36: Standards Support
Tip 37: Running with Elevated Rights
Tip 38: One More of the Same, Please
Tip 39: Specialized Windows Switching
Tip 40: Starting Explorer from “My Computer”
Tip 41: ClearType Text Tuning and Display Color Calibration
Tip 42: When All Else Fails…