Hewie has asked me to cover for him for this month’s Windows SIG. So I thought I’d cover one of the subjects covered at the APCUG/FACUG Spring Meeting, “Virtualizing Your PC” – posted by Mike Ungerman

I’m going to install Microsoft’s Virtual PC 2007 and put a copy of either Windows XP or Vista in the virtual pc installed on my notebook. Then we’ll play some games and see how easy it is to close the virtual pc and re-open it with the original configuration intact. All kinds of interesting things can be done including testing out suspected phishing web sites, dropping one’s firewall and seeing what comes through the router intact to your PC; Installing software you’re not sure of and testing it for compatibility, etc.

If you want to play with this before the Sunday session this month, visit Microsoft’s Virtual PC download site and give it a try. I recommend the 32-bit version unless you just want to be adventurous. Bring your questions with you. Here’s the link:


[This link will fail and bring you to their search page; just click on Virtual PC 2007 to get to the article]