These are the items scheduled to be discussed for the Windows SIG meeting for Sunday December 21, 2008:
1. More on using this site
2. Vonage VOIP features being tested
3. Free Downloads of Quick Reference Sheets

4. Microsoft Live Labs Thumbtack

Any additional items will be added below in the discussion. The meeting will be streamed through DimDim. To join between 12:30 pm and 2:00 pm, go to You will have to Join Meeting and use meeting room “+++++”. Please use your name, so that we can identify you. First only is acceptable. You may have to install a plug-in or 2 and you must have a recent version of the Flash Player installed. All of this is free and pain-free as well. No registration is required to Join a meeting. A recording will also be made and links will be available below in the discussion after the meeting.

Other Links Mentioned at the SIG Today: