Here are Videos & Tutorials that I have published on the web.

CFCS Windows SIG July 9, 2017 01:06:10

The items covered included using Allway Sync to copy files, 25 interesting & helpful websites, Microsoft Office Online, and How Phishing Works.

CFCS Windows SIG June 11, 2017 01:34:54

The items discussed this month included a ransomware attack, you may not need Anti-Virus on Windows,Phishing and Spam examples, Windows Defender Security Center, and how to still get Windows 10 for free.

CFCS Windows SIG May 14, 2017 00:59:26

We covered the many new features of Windows 10 Creator update. More info…

CFCS Windows SIG April 9, 2017  01:09:2017

Items covered included Windows diagnostics, preparing for the Windows upgrade, & what is in store for Windows 10 Creator update. More info…

CFCS Windows SIG March 12, 2017  01:11:34

Items covered included were Ditty, Video Spin Blaster Pro Plus, software on line, beginner’s lessons utility apps, tips & tricks. More info…

CFCS Windows SIG February 12, 2017 01:00:52

We covered the apps Flipp & ClipMate, view Google Calendar on you Windows desktop, & syncing with One Drive. More info…

Flipp, the app –  00:15:11

Browse flyers and save money. 

Clipmate –  00:22:35

Clipboard Manager For Windows

Keynote NWFACUG Computer Tech2017 January 28, 2017 00:21:50

“There’s an App For That!” was my keynote for the NorthWest Florida Association of Computer User Groups in Niceville, Fl.

CFCS Window SIG January 8, 2017 01:15:47

The Windows SIG meeting of the Central Florida Computer Society for January 8, 2017 covered items include Bandwidth, Windows recovery disk, and many Windows 10 items. More info…

STUG Oct16 Meeting Promo October 5, 2016 00:01:30

Meeting promo by Hewie

Windows 10 TaskBar – 00:23:01

Hewie’s Views & Reviews presents his Tips, Tricks, and Help – The Windows 10 TaskBar and Its Many Settings. September 26, 2016

Create USB Recovery Drive 00:09:24

A short tutorial shows how to create a USB Recovery Drive in Windows 8 & Windows 10. This video was created using the 1607 version of Windows 10 Anniversary Update. The Recovery Drive was created on a 16 GB Kingston DataTraveler Stick, however just over 6GB of space was used.

GeneJones BikeRun2016  00:01:06

Ad for Eagle Riders #3171 Bradenton, Florida. This is my first Doodly project.

CFCS WinSIG September 2016  01:06:02
The topics included ways to keep your Windows safe, how to use Google’s search tools, and many items about the Windows 10 Anniversary update. More info…

CFCS WinSIG August 2016  00:55:51
The topics included fixes for PC issues, portable apps for Windows, security issues, and cheat sheets for many sites. More info…

CFCS WinSIG July 2016  00:55:51
July 2016 WinSIG Meeting Notes included diagnostic tools, identify edited photos, browser add-ons, TextPad, & PUPs. More info…

CFCS WinSIG June 2016  00:58:50
Some of the items discussed were a reverse dictionary, dangers of Facebook quizzes, Windows fixes, government computers, Windows 7 and Windows 10. More info…

Scanning & OCR with your Mobile Device 00:18:11
Reviews of:

  • CamScanner by INTSIG
  • ScannerPro by Readdle
  • ScanBizCards by ScanBiz

Customizing  & Using Windows 10 00:50:10

Presentation for the APCUG Virtual Conference (VTC19) – February 21, 2016 – Learn how to customize Windows 10 so it works for you: the Desktop, Start Menu, Task bar, security / privacy options, and more.

CFCS WinSIG April2016 01:00:32

The Windows SIG of the Central Florida Computer Society hosted Hewie Poplock on Sunday, April 10, 2016. Items covered included Vivaldi browser, hide Windows updates, Facebook cloning, Windows Photo App, Windows tips & tricks. More info… 

CFCS WinSIG March2016 01:30:00

The topics from the March, 2016 Windows SIG Meeting included the Ultimate Guide to Microsoft Windows 10 Troubleshooting, create a shutdown shortcut, Dropbox, Google calendar in Windows 10 Calendar app. More info…

File Managers Windows 7 10 February 14, 2016 00:41:22

The topic was using Windows Explorer and File Manager in Windows 7 & Windows 10. This will be helpful for users of all versions of Windows. View the slides.

Windows Explorer Tips 00:01:28
Short video on Windows Explorer

Using RSS Feeds & Evernote to Save Hours Per Day Keeping up with Technology 00:46:43

If you are frustrated when looking for an article that you read yesterday, last week, or last year, see how you can organize and save everything you might want to read or share easily, and find quickly. You will see how Hewie sifts through hundreds or thousands of articles, finds an interesting one and saves and categorizes it in a searchable format. All of his saved articles are accessible from his PC, tablets, or phone.

Evernote Presented at APCUG DMA NASAC Conference Sept 2013 00:25:23
This is a pre-recording of the Evernote presentation at the APCUG DMA NASAC Conference Sept 2013 by Hewie Poplock

Evernote – How I use it & What it is 01:12:04
A Presentation of Evernote to the Computer Technology Conference 2013 in Arizona on April 5, 2013 by Hewie Poplock

ID Theft – How to Avoid It October 2015 00:49:12

Hewie is a victim of identity theft; his presentation covers typically boring facts & figures with up-to-date and interesting information along with examples of actual instances of events leading to ID theft. Then Hewie will give us many great suggestions on how to prevent us from experiencing ID Theft and what to do if we do become a victim.

CFCS WinSIG September2015 01:12:01

Items covered in this meeting included Windows 10 security, new Intel core chips, Edge browser tips, many Windows 10 tips & tricks. More info…

CFCS WinSIG July2015 Win10 01:07:50

We examined the differences between Windows 10 & 8.1, many of the included apps in Win10 & Cortana. More info…

CFCS WinSIG June2015 Win10  01:04:33

This was a thorough introduction to Windows 10. More info…

WinSIG March08 2015 01:03:50

Topics included who manages your Facebook account when you die, disposable email addresses, & Windows tip & tricks. More info…

CFCS WinSIG November 9, 2014  01:09:50

The topics covered included tips for Windows 7, edit a PDF document in Word 2013, free start menus for Windows 8.1, and more. More info…

The CFCS Digital Photo SIG March 2014 00:57:26

The discussions included tips for using memory cards, using a tripod, photo types, group photos to include you, & EXIF data.

CFCS Digital Photo SIG Feb 2014 01:05:00

Items discussed included the Narrative Clip, hide or blur faces, travel photography tips, & smartphone camera tricks.

CFCS Virtual Photo SIG May 2013 01:08:19

Items covered included Adobe killing Creative Suite, Camtasia & Snagit, colors to avoid, you camera manual, and tips for taking a silhouette photo from

CFCS_Digital_Photo SIG for April 2013 01:37:11

This meeting’s topics included Photo Resizing and Screen Capture. This session is aimed at beginners and intermediate users from any Operating System.

CFCS Digital Photo SIG for February 2013 00:56:25
This month we examined 14 on line photo editing programs. The recording did not get started until after the first demo.

CFCS Digital Photo SIG November 2012  00:38:22

This meeting included purchasing a camcorder, demos of SoftOrbits Software, including Photo Stamp Remover, Red Eye Removal Tool, Photo Retoucher, Batch Picture Resizer, & Batch Picture Protector with Watermarks.

CFCS Digital Photo SIG January 2013  01:00:02

Items covered included Smartphone Film Scanner, Fotobar Stores, Free Adobe Creative Suite 2, WWII Photos, African photos by Dick Dehler, things to know about light, & management of digital memory cards.

CFCS Photo SIG August 2012 01:26:00

Demos of several photo editing procedures.

Central Florida Computer Society Digital Photo SIG July2012  01:05:21

Some items covered included CameraSim, Photoshop Elements, Picasa, & Pixlr

Central Florida Computer Society Digital Photo SIG May 2012 01:30:53

Items covered included “RTFM: A Guide to reading your Point & Shoot Camera User Guide” & “How to Buy a Digital Camera,” a short explanation of the 4 types of cameras and how to purchase the best type for you. This topic is based on a recent PC Mag article.

PicasaWeb July, 2010